Dr. Christopher Quirk


Dr. Christopher Quirk
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Tuesday, 10 November 2009 19:30

Dr Christopher Quirk,    Consultant Cardiologist



Welcome to this website. Throughout my 23 year medical career, and as a patient myself from time to time, I have come to realise that receiving the appropriate information is the main way of understanding the implications of symptoms, conditions and investigations. This helps to reduce the resulting anxiety and worry about seeking a medical opinion.

It is the unknown that leads to stress and worry.

This site is designed to provide some general information about Cardiac conditions, diagnostic tests and resulting procedures you may be having. It is designed to be read by people without medical background and therefore hopefully easier to understand. It is important to note that it is in no way a substitute for consulting your own medical practitioner if you have any concerns about any aspect of your health. It is a general information site and should not be deemed as a medical opinion.

I have also realised after many years as a Clinical Cardiologist that the main way I can help people is not necessarily with drugs, stents, or operations. My main interest is in prevention of heart disease, primarily with exercise. I have always been involved with exercise and have knowledge in exercise physiology and feel that this is understated as a means of improving peoples cardiac health, general wellbeing and mental happiness. However, despite this well-known fact, I still find it frustratingly difficult to persuade my patients to change their lifestyle with regards to getting more exercise. I am hopeful that with guidance I can improve compliance with exercise prescriptions, and am planning on expanding this aspect of my medical work. I think we not only need to teach people how to exercise but also how to enjoy exercise, so it is not a chore, and to find a form of exercise that suits their likes, age and lifestyle.

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