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Saturday, 21 November 2009 04:02

An Event Recorder is similar to a Holter monitor designed to record a cardiac rhythm strip in the presence of patient symptoms when these symptoms are less frequent than every 24 hours. There are various types of Event Recorders.  

What is involved with an Event Recorder?

Depending on the type of recorder, it may have a button to press at the time you may experience any symptoms, such as palpitations, and it is recommended that you keep a patient diary of any symptoms felt so that these can be correlated with the heart rhythm at that particular time. Unlike a 24 hour Holter monitor, a Patient Event Recorder requires activation by the patient to record an ECG at the time of their symptoms. Therefore, should you experience any of your palpitations, dizziness,light-headedness or other symptoms, you will be instructed about how to activate the recorder to record an ECG during that period. 

How long will I wear the recorder for?

The very nature of intermittent symptoms leads to difficulty in capturing a rhythm strip during one of these episodes. Sometimes it is required to wear and carry an Event Recorder with you for up to a month when symptoms occur only on a monthly basis. Once an ECG has been recorded during your symptoms and that tracing has been received and reviewed by your doctor, is it then usually recommended that you can stop recording and return the Event Monitor. That rhythm strip will then be analysed by your doctor and discussed with you in due course.


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