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Saturday, 21 November 2009 04:03

These devices are designed to capture abnormalities of the heart rhythm that are very infrequent, such that even a Patient Activated Event Monitor is likely to have a low chance of success. These recorders will record any abnormality of the heart rhythm for up to three years.  

What is involved with an Implantable Loop Recorder ?

A Loop Recorder is implanted under local anaesthetic underneath the skin, usually on the left hand side of the chest wall. It is approximately the size of a small computer memory stick. It is implanted in hospital under sterile conditions and under local anaesthetic. This procedure takes approximately half an hour.  

What are the risks of an Implanted loop recorder?

A Loop Recorder has almost zero risk involved and is extremely useful at recording very intermittent symptoms. It is interrogated via an external laptop computer whenever a patient experiences any symptoms or every 3-6 months to analyse whether there has been any abnormality of the heart rhythm during that period.


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